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If you’re missing most of your teeth or wear dentures, All-on-4® implants can restore your smile to its near-original condition. At Creating Smiles Family Dentistry PC in Bloomfield, New Jersey, the expert general dentists use All-on-4 implants to improve oral health and make activities like biting and chewing easier. To see if you’re a candidate, book an appointment online, or call the office to speak with a staff member today.

All-on-4 Implants Q & A

What are All-on-4® implants?

All-on-4 implants are oral prosthetics that replace your permanent teeth. Traditional dental implants require one post for each missing tooth. All-on-4 implants can support an entire arch of artificial teeth with just four posts. Fewer implants allow for quicker treatment, a lower risk of side-effects, and quicker recovery times.

Who is a good candidate for All-on-4 implants?

Anyone who is missing most or all of their permanent teeth can benefit from All-on-4 implants. However, to undergo the procedure, you need healthy gums and enough jawbone density to support the implants. 

If you have gum disease or low bone volume, your dentist might recommend periodontal treatment or a bone graft before continuing with treatment. 

What does getting All-on-4 implants involve?

Getting All-on-4 implants involves an outpatient procedure that takes about two and a half hours per arch. 

At the beginning of the appointment, your dentist conducts a detailed oral exam and reviews your dental health history. They then take computed tomography (CT) scans of your jaw. The scans show the position of your remaining teeth and give your dentist critical information about the location of your sinuses and nerves.

Your dentist uploads the scans to a computer simulation and maps out the placement of each implant. After finalizing a treatment plan, they administer anesthesia and place four small posts into your jaw. 

Following surgery, the team attaches a pair of temporary dentures to your implants. Meanwhile, they send your CT scans to a dental lab that creates a permanent set. 

A few weeks later, you return to Creating Smiles Family Dentistry PC. Your dentist removes the temporary dentures and replaces them with the custom pair, restoring your smile.

How do I care for All-on-4 implants?

To keep your All-on-4 implants in optimal condition, it’s important to practice good oral hygiene. Creating Smiles Family Dentistry PC recommends brushing twice daily, flossing regularly, and visiting the practice every six months for an oral exam and professional cleaning.

To prevent damage to your implants, avoid bad habits like nail-biting, chewing on pen caps, or opening objects with your teeth. If you skateboard, rock climb, or play contact sports, wear a mouthguard. If you clench your jaw or grind your teeth while sleeping, you might also benefit from a nightguard.

To learn more about the benefits of All-on-4 implants, request a consultation at Creating Smiles Family Dentistry PC. Book an appointment online, or call the office to speak with a staff member today.