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More than 40 million Americans have dentures today, and that’s no surprise since they’re a comfortable, cost-effective, and easy way to restore your smile. At Creating Smiles Family Dentistry PC in Bloomfield, New Jersey, you can choose either partial or complete dentures to replace missing teeth. Book your assessment by calling the office or clicking the online scheduling tool.

Dentures Q & A

What are full and partial dentures?

Dentures are synthetic tooth replacements anchored on a base. Full dentures replace all of the teeth in an arch, while partial dentures replace a group of teeth. 

Full dentures use the roof of your mouth and your lower gums as support. Partial dentures use both your gums and your remaining natural teeth as support. 

What can I expect when getting new dentures?

Dentures usually require a few visits to the office. The typical process includes:


Step one is your denture assessment. Your Creating Smiles Family Dentistry PC dentist examines your gums and natural teeth (if you have any) to make sure dentures will suit your needs. 

Denture molds

Next, your specialist makes multiple molds of your mouth. A dental lab uses these molds to create your custom dentures, focusing on natural fit and feel. 

Denture fitting

After your new dentures are ready, your dentist fits them in your mouth. The team can make any necessary adjustments at that time. 

This process can vary if you need tooth extractions. For example, if you opt for complete dentures and need multiple tooth extractions, you generally need an 8-12 week healing period. 

But, if you’re getting complete dentures and don’t want to go without teeth, you can opt for immediate dentures in which your dentist places new dentures right after they remove your teeth. If you choose immediate dentures, you’ll need denture adjustments in the future.

How do I maintain new dentures?

Remove your dentures nightly. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and use a special denture brush to eliminate bacteria and debris. Rinse with water again, and then place the dentures in a denture solution overnight.

Brush your teeth or gums after you remove your dentures and again before you place them in your mouth each morning. 

How do I adjust to wearing dentures?

Eat soft foods like scrambled eggs, yogurt, and cottage cheese for the first few weeks as you adjust. Transition into more challenging foods over time, once your dentures feel more natural in your mouth.

Practice speaking while wearing your dentures. This becomes easier quickly, and soon you’ll speak with confidence. Although it takes some time, your new dentures will soon feel like your natural teeth.

What if I damage my dentures?

If you damage your dentures, call Creating Smiles Family Dentistry PC right away. Before your appointment, do the following. 

  • For loose dentures, apply dental wax in sore areas
  • Remove broken dentures
  • Submerge broken dentures in a denture solution
  • Gather any loose pieces

Your dentist can make adjustments and repairs on-the-spot in many cases. Don’t take chances by wearing damaged dentures, as it greatly increases the chance of permanent damage.

Book your dentures consultation by calling Creating Smiles Family Dentistry PC or scheduling online.